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Collaboration Policies for Thedotblog

For professionals interested in Guest Posts, Sponsored Articles, and Link Requests:

Before reaching out, understand what we’re after and what we’re not. We’re in the game for serious business and fruitful collaborations.

Guest Posts

  • Quality, Not Quantity: If you’re not an expert in your field, don’t bother.
  • Long-Term Relationships: We’re after more than just a flash in the pan. We aim to build lasting partnerships that benefit both parties.
  • Content That Counts: If your article doesn’t add anything new or interesting, forget it.
  • Privacy is Key: No trackers or email snooping. We expect mutual respect. ✓✓Mailtrack is not allowed.

Sponsored Articles

  • Professional Email Required: Free emails won’t cut it. Show us you mean business.
  • Meaningful content: In each of our 14 blogs we cover very specific topics of business interest. Your content should be in line with the selected blog.
  • Off-Limits Topics: Steer clear of casinos, adult content, cryptocurrencies, illegal downloads, tarot, etc.

Link Policy

  • “NoFollow” Links: We play by Google’s rules. “DoFollow” links are earned, not bought.
  • Branded Content: Any brand-related content will be clearly marked as such.
  • Quality Content: If it’s informative and valuable, we treat it like any other article.

Contact Process

  • Send an Email: Contact us at Your email should be comprehensive and align with our guidelines.
  • Email Content Guide: Include the following details:
    • Your Name
    • Professional Email Address
    • Profile or Website URL
    • Type of Collaboration
    • Brief Bio or Credentials
    • Detailed Collaboration Proposal
  • Review and Response: If your proposal piques our interest and meets our standards, we’ll get in touch.
  • Respecting Time: These policies help us avoid wasting your time and ours. If you don’t comply, don’t expect a response.
  • Money Isn’t Everything: Don’t talk about pricing before introducing yourself and understanding if there’s a mutual fit.

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